Progress is slow…

We finally got our airstream back from the RV shop. They kept our airstream for almost 3 weeks and the only thing they had to do was pressure test the gas lines. They called Matt to tell him that there are a number of leaks in the lines and they wanted $500 to re-plumb the lines. Matt thinks he can re-do the copper lines himself for a lot less. So, it doesn’t look like we’ll be out on the road any time soon, but at least we know what needs to be done. Now, if only someone would free up Matt’s schedule so that he could fix all the things needing to be fixed, I’d be a happy camper. I’m getting slightly discouraged in not being able to take Airstreamy out, but I have to learn to be patient. 🙂


I am having some terrible separation anxiety. 9 days ago we took our airstream to have all the gas appliances pressure-checked and have it looked at generally to see if everything appears to be safe and functional. I am not sure why it has taken 9 days to have someone look at the system, but I guess that’s how these RV shops work. We were supposed to get a call today to let us know if anything needs repair and get estimates for any needed work, but now they say they won’t be looking at until Monday :(. We are crossing our fingers that everything is a-ok, but we are prepared to spend some moola to ensure our safety away from home.

Some better news is that we just got a super awesome print for the airstream in the mail. I framed it in a lightweight frame with plexiglass front. I can’t wait to hang it up in the airstream. Check out The Mango Tree Project on Etsy. They create their art in a 31′ 1969 Airstream in Mexico.

This print we bought is so cheerful and fun!

Today our good friend/electrician, Kyle Zimmerman of RedTail Electric, came over to assess our electrical situation. We are far from done with electrical, but we needed to ensure whether we were pulling the right amount of power to run everything in the airstream. We were trying to power everything off a 20 amp breaker. Now, we have a 30 amp breaker, dedicated to powering the trailer. We also made modifications to Matt’s existing 220 circuit in the garage. After those fixes were done, Matt turned on the AC and it started blowing out cold air. I almost couldn’t believe it! So, I brought my new temperature gauge out to the airstream and got 59 degree air blowing out.

We had tried to turn on the refrigerator previously, but couldn’t get it to work. With today’s quick electrical fixes, it turned right on and got chilly fast. It is a household refrigerator that we will soon replace with an RV model. They are just so stinking expensive!

We were so excited about the AC and refrigerator that we decided to bring our dogs out, snuggle up on the couch, eat dinner and watch movies in the airstream. So lovely!!

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Making Progress…

We have owned Airstreamy for about 1.5 months and keep working on getting her ready for the road. Our custom-order black and grey water tanks arrived a couple days ago. We now have the task of installing them, which should be a lot of fun (not!). Since this airstream was lived in, a lot of the traveling components were discarded, by a prior owner. We haven’t been able to test the plumbing yet. We have heard the water pump turn on when we use the control center on button, but we haven’t filled the water tank. The waste tank install is a major hurdle to getting us on the road. We also have to take the airstream in for service to have all our gas appliances pressure-tested, to ensure they are safe for use. We hope to do that in the next couple weeks.

There aren’t many things that Christie and I can do in the trailer, as we have no mechanical knowledge whatsoever. We’re good on the cosmetic/design side. We’ve been hunting for some good drapery fabric, but still coming up slim on options. Most of the patterns we find are too busy, so we think we’ll go with a simple off white. I put together a $10 table I got at Ikea for a coffee table; It’ll work just perfect. We got all the ceiling lights working and bought brand new plastic covers for them. The covers don’t fit properly, so we have to make a few adjustments to the power knobs to get them to fit snug. I got the old speakers all painted and ready to be installed, but Matt thinks we should get new ones. Speakers are low on my priority list, as we can just bring a stereo with us. I have been spray painting the screen door silver and working on some kitchen solutions. I wish there was a way to repair our existing kitchen cabinet tambour doors, but they are in rough shape. We might build new cabinet doors or buy new tambour…we haven’t decided yet. Here’s some updated progress photos:

In anticipation of hitting the road this fall, we have adopted 2 flamingos. We have yet to name them.

This 1970 Airstream up for auction on Ebay is just cute as a button. Pristine, 98% original. I am totally going to find 10 ply white walls for our Airstream. Love it!

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My friend Traci sent us a note about a new mobile coffee shop opening soon in the Phoenix area. Shine Coffee is a traveling espresso bar housed in a vintage 1957 Airstream. They will be available for events around the valley. We’re super stoked to support a local Airstream-based business. Check them out at their first event on September 25th at the 48th Street Farmer’s Market in Ahwatukee. I gotta find out who polished their Airstream!!!!

Green airstream remodel

This remodel blows my mind! I spotted this gem over on TreeHugger.com. Airstream owners, Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty remodeled a 2003 Airstream and turned it into an off-grid traveling home. They’ve got it all…solar panels, composting toilet, eco-friendly cabinetry, flooring, lighting, mechanicals, etc. They haul the Airstream with bio-fuel powered truck. So great to see people doing cool stuff with their Airstreams. You can follow these gals on their traveling adventures on their website www.greenrvlife.com and they are on Twitter at @greenrvlife.


Check out these photos, from their website…amazing!

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Destination: Back Yard

I haven’t been able to park my car in the garage, since we got Airstreamy. And, the Airstream blocks in the 59 Caddy and 61 Oldsmobile. With fall approaching and nicer weather coming our way, I want to get out and drive the caddy (and reclaim my garage parking spot). It’s been about 5 months since I’ve driven the Caddy…since it is simply too hot without AC. I was trying to think of where we could put the airstream besides in our driveway. Then, I pictured our master bedroom side yard.

We easily have about 40′ of space in this little grass patch on the side of our house. Our only dilemma is that access to this side of the yard is through the alley. We have block fencing that runs the entire length of our backyard, with 1 custom metal gate by Stel Objekt Studio , which is so beautiful that I don’t want to take it down. We would have to lay a 31+’ concrete parking slab where the grass is (or pea gravel for an immediate solution), but that is totally doable. Our neighbor, who also has a large RV came over yesterday to talk with Matt in the backyard. They think it is possible to knock down about 12′ of the block wall and install a rolling gate in it’s place.

Before we start working on actually making this a reality, we are going to set up cones out front with the dimensions we have to work with in the alley and backyard to see if this is a good place to store the airstream.

The other option is to store the airstream at an offsite self-storage facility, when we are not working on it or getting ready to use it. I found that rates are going to be $200-300/mo. Ouch!

Airstream Pinterest Board

We LOVE Pinterest. It is a great site for bookmarking photos of anything! We made an airstream/camping photo board, with 162 photos of Airstream inspiration. We’ll keep bookmarking photos, to grow the collection.

Check it out: