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I haven’t been able to park my car in the garage, since we got Airstreamy. And, the Airstream blocks in the 59 Caddy and 61 Oldsmobile. With fall approaching and nicer weather coming our way, I want to get out and drive the caddy (and reclaim my garage parking spot). It’s been about 5 months since I’ve driven the Caddy…since it is simply too hot without AC. I was trying to think of where we could put the airstream besides in our driveway. Then, I pictured our master bedroom side yard.

We easily have about 40′ of space in this little grass patch on the side of our house. Our only dilemma is that access to this side of the yard is through the alley. We have block fencing that runs the entire length of our backyard, with 1 custom metal gate by Stel Objekt Studio , which is so beautiful that I don’t want to take it down. We would have to lay a 31+’ concrete parking slab where the grass is (or pea gravel for an immediate solution), but that is totally doable. Our neighbor, who also has a large RV came over yesterday to talk with Matt in the backyard. They think it is possible to knock down about 12′ of the block wall and install a rolling gate in it’s place.

Before we start working on actually making this a reality, we are going to set up cones out front with the dimensions we have to work with in the alley and backyard to see if this is a good place to store the airstream.

The other option is to store the airstream at an offsite self-storage facility, when we are not working on it or getting ready to use it. I found that rates are going to be $200-300/mo. Ouch!

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