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I am having some terrible separation anxiety. 9 days ago we took our airstream to have all the gas appliances pressure-checked and have it looked at generally to see if everything appears to be safe and functional. I am not sure why it has taken 9 days to have someone look at the system, but I guess that’s how these RV shops work. We were supposed to get a call today to let us know if anything needs repair and get estimates for any needed work, but now they say they won’t be looking at until Monday :(. We are crossing our fingers that everything is a-ok, but we are prepared to spend some moola to ensure our safety away from home.

Some better news is that we just got a super awesome print for the airstream in the mail. I framed it in a lightweight frame with plexiglass front. I can’t wait to hang it up in the airstream. Check out The Mango Tree Project on Etsy. They create their art in a 31′ 1969 Airstream in Mexico.

This print we bought is so cheerful and fun!

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