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We have been wanting to remodel the airstream kitchen, since we purchased it in 2011. We tried to live with it the way it is, with cracked counters, broken tambour, cabinet bottoms failing and latches not functioning. After our last road adventure in February, we realized that the end was near. We’ve been so busy with work (my sister and I own a real estate company and my husband, Matt, is a carpenter) that we have been putting off our various airstream projects for lack of spare time. That….oh, and the heat! Our 1974 air conditioning is a champ when it is under 100 degrees, but struggles hard when it is hotter. The heat is such a motivation-killer! In about 1-2 months, the weather in AZ will be perfect. And, hopefully, by then we’ll be able to start our adventures again, once the kitchen is finished.

We agreed to start demoing 1 side of the kitchen at a time, so we started with the refrigerator side. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to get started on this project!

Here are a couple before photos of the refrigerator side of the kitchen:

photo 9 photo 7

Tearing it apart:

photo 8

Here is the empty space, as it stands now. The side panels will be replaced with new walnut veneered panels:

photo 1

We have the old refrigerator venting, which we are going to build a cabinet around, until we purchase a 2-way refrigerator. Right now, since we aren’t planning to take more than a few weekend trips a year, we are totally fine with our electric mini fridge/freezer.

We’ve decided to go with a walnut veneer for the cabinets, green formica for counters (just like the original counters), circle latch knobs and eventually a new 2-way refrigerator. We’ll be reusing the cooktop (it is very hard to find a new 4 burner stove), the oven and the sink. I am going to paint the entry door to match the one below.

Here are a few photos of the abused sink side of the kitchen:

photo 2 photo 3 photo 6 photo 10

When disassembling the kitchen, we noticed the metal brackets in the kitchen were stamped ‘airstream’. Pretty groovy.

photo 11

Here is our inspiration board for the sink side of the kitchen.

Airstreamy kitchen design (sink wall)
And our refrigerator side of the kitchen:
Airstreamy kitchen design (refrigerator wall)


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So Christie and I decided to sleep in Airstreamy a few weeks ago. We got so excited about taking it out for trips that we wanted to know what it would be like! We turned the AC down to 60…..brrrrrr. We brought blankets, pillows, a TV, computer and popcorn out into the airstream for a movie night sleepover.  We watched Home Alone 2…..my favorite movie ever is Home Alone, but we misplaced the dvd. We even brought out some fall decorations. The funny thing is that there was no working water in the trailer, so we didn’t get the full experience of camping. I can’t wait until we have running water…faucets and toilet! I figure it will be pretty infrequent that we use the shower, but that will be fun, once it is hooked up.

We realized that we’ll need some good window coverings and lots of blankets, when we go camping for real in November. We have been planning our maiden voyage and booked our first RV location at Malibu RV Park. We have a whirlwind of stuff that we have to do before we take the trailer anywhere. We plan to visit family in Pasadena for Thanksgiving and spend a day at Disneyland (should be decorated for Christmas, as of November 12th!).

This is a photo of the Malibu RV Park….looks heavenly!

I am trying to find good tutorials for making the old school curtains that came in the airstream originally. We have the upper and bottom tracks, and we ordered the glides that attach to the curtains. I haven’t settled on a fabric yet…I think I need to get something thicker than I was originally planning. As long as I can figure out the pleats, we’ll be set.

My goal is to have them look something like this (Photos from Pinterest):

I have been trying t find cute vintage-esque vinyl tiles for the bathroom and could only find good ones with like $100 shipping, since I was only ordering a small quantity! So, I went out into our pool house today and grabbed some leftover blue mosaic tile we had from our hall bathroom remodel. I laid it out to see how it would look….very hard to get a good visual of it, but I am excited. It is lightweight, basically cost $0 and is ready to install as soon as Matt elevates the floor 3/4 inch. He thinks the floor needs support back there and I think the tile will lay easier on a nice new subfloor! I’ll be finishing up cosmetic stuff inside, while Matt handles all the big stuff.

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I love the holidays and now that I have something new to decorate, Airstreamy, you bet it is going to be decked out!

How cool is this airstream christmas village?! I almost had a heart attack!

I just bought a couple of these limited edition Eddie Bauer snowglobes…the airstream lights up!

More Christmas inspiration photos:

Here are a couple snapshots I took on my phone on Halloween…last minute decorations for trick or treaters:

Happy holidays!

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This 1970 Airstream up for auction on Ebay is just cute as a button. Pristine, 98% original. I am totally going to find 10 ply white walls for our Airstream. Love it!

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This remodel blows my mind! I spotted this gem over on TreeHugger.com. Airstream owners, Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty remodeled a 2003 Airstream and turned it into an off-grid traveling home. They’ve got it all…solar panels, composting toilet, eco-friendly cabinetry, flooring, lighting, mechanicals, etc. They haul the Airstream with bio-fuel powered truck. So great to see people doing cool stuff with their Airstreams. You can follow these gals on their traveling adventures on their website www.greenrvlife.com and they are on Twitter at @greenrvlife.


Check out these photos, from their website…amazing!

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We LOVE Pinterest. It is a great site for bookmarking photos of anything! We made an airstream/camping photo board, with 162 photos of Airstream inspiration. We’ll keep bookmarking photos, to grow the collection.

Check it out:

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A friend of ours sent us a link to a 9/1/11 New York Times article on a super chic remodeled 1969 Airstream, owned by interior designer Rachel Horn  and her husband. Wow! These are my kind of Airstream people. I have talked about how I haven’t been camping before (I’m high maintenance, what?!), but how I want to go “glamping” (glamorous camping). I share a love of design, even though I am not a designer. This is a true inspiration to me because I know how hard them must have worked to get the airstream into this condition. Any old airstream, even if it has been maintained through the years, will require some level of repair or remodeling. Our Airstream was built 5 years after theirs, but it shares the same layout; rear bath and middle twin beds. I can only hope our remodel will be this nice. Our budget is 1/10th of their original budget. Ours will still have some retro 70s details, but the goal is a sleek, modern interior. I can see this article inspiring a bunch of people to go out and buy Airstreams!

Photos from the NYT article

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These are some of the photos we’ve been compiling to inspire our renovation. We are thinking of a Trina Turk (Palm Springs-based clothing and residential textile designer) meets 70s meets mid-century modern theme.

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