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Today our good friend/electrician, Kyle Zimmerman of RedTail Electric, came over to assess our electrical situation. We are far from done with electrical, but we needed to ensure whether we were pulling the right amount of power to run everything in the airstream. We were trying to power everything off a 20 amp breaker. Now, we have a 30 amp breaker, dedicated to powering the trailer. We also made modifications to Matt’s existing 220 circuit in the garage. After those fixes were done, Matt turned on the AC and it started blowing out cold air. I almost couldn’t believe it! So, I brought my new temperature gauge out to the airstream and got 59 degree air blowing out.

We had tried to turn on the refrigerator previously, but couldn’t get it to work. With today’s quick electrical fixes, it turned right on and got chilly fast. It is a household refrigerator that we will soon replace with an RV model. They are just so stinking expensive!

We were so excited about the AC and refrigerator that we decided to bring our dogs out, snuggle up on the couch, eat dinner and watch movies in the airstream. So lovely!!

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