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DAY 4:

On our final day in Malibu, we relaxed in the Airstream until early afternoon and then decided to drive about 3.5 miles down the Pacific Coast Highway to the Malibu Pier. Matt went mountain biking with a friend in Topanga, while we frolicked on the beach.

The Malibu pier is over 100 years old!

It wasn’t too crowded with people when we were there.

This bird was begging to have his photo taken.

I guess the shaved ice is a summer thing. It would have been a nice treat!

Matt and Christie usually get tired of my constant picture-taking, so they walk ahead of me. ha.

There are warning signs about the mussels.

It was a foggy day on the beach, which cleared towards sun down.

Gotta love the beach!

This side of the pier was far less popular with surfers and beach-goers.

A surfer catches a small wave on Surfrider beach.

We saw a lot of surfers out on surfrider beach.

2 surfers catching a wave

The fog was setting in…

The malibu pier from surfrider beach

I caught a fog rainbow.

We were bundled up because it was in the high 60s.

Christie and Matt on the pier…with the fog.

We sat down to eat at the cafe on the pier, but they had just closed.

So we headed about 1 mile down the street to Plate, which has vegetarian and vegan options, in addition to meat dishes. ‘Earthy California Cuisine’ is their slogan.

I ordered a vegan burger and sweet potato fries…it was mighty tasty.

We stopped  by Pacific Coast Greens grocery store and got some ice cream. Matt found this coffee ice cream by Blackbean. He said it was awesome.

At night, we had an old friend, Matt, over to see Airstreamy.

We heated up some thanksgiving leftovers in the oven for him.

He brought Christie and I flowers. So pretty!

We picked up some christmas light necklaces at Disneyland and decided to take more fun shots in front of the Airstream.


My neck is glowing…

Matt’s shirt is by O’Neil…also bought at Disneyland.

Happy holidays, from The Hibbards!

We set the camera on a timer and this was a long exposure.

Holiday cheers!


DAY 5:

We checked out of Malibu Beach RV park in the morning on November 24th. We realized that someone had stolen our battery, once Matt tried to hook up the trailer to the Expedition! We assume someone knows what they were looking for. We had the battery when we arrived because Matt was able to unhook from his truck without shore power. We realized on the way to CA that the battery compartment wouldn’t lock (it is located on the outside of the airstream). A guy drove past us on the freeway in CA and said the battery compartment was open. We pulled over and the battery was still in there. We will be buying 2 new batteries and moving them inside, away from prying eyes and hands! Our trip home was a short 6 hours and 40 minutes. Matt drove the whole time; he is a saint.

I am thinking our next trip should be up to Northern Arizona to play in the snow. Now, it’s time to investigate RV parks and camp sites in Prescott and Flagstaff!


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DAY 3:

Our 2nd full day in Malibu was Thanksgiving. We went to Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks the night we arrived, so that we could stock up on food for our stay. We bought prepared turkey and gravy, Gardein for me, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls.

We decided to set a timer on the camera and shoot more photos of us being silly by the airstream. Fun times!

3 turkeys in an airstream for Thanksgiving!

We hadn’t done much exploring at Malibu Beach RV Park, so Matt and I decided to go on a walk up the hill and down the bluff.

There were 4 Airstreams, including ours, at the park. This one had 3 tires on each side, so we are guessing it was larger than our 31 footer.

There was a lovely Argosy facing the ocean down a few spots from us.

These people had the right idea….next time we’ll bring bikes. They also had movies playing on a screen on the side of their RV at night!

RVers apparently get very into holiday decorations. Love this turkey inflatable. Also, we saw lots of dogs walking around. Some people even set up little pens or tents for their dogs to run around in.

It wouldn’t be an RV park without flamingos.

You are on a hillside, so snakes live around these parts.

We are in the front row, but there are elevated sites up higher…pretty incredible views.

Pretty much anywhere in the park has an amazing view.

Lots of palm trees and greenery, with a beachy backdrop

Mandatory ocean background photos

Airstreamy got some neighbors overnight…we are on the right.

There were some $$$ coaches here….some I looked up were like $450,000 RVs!

Like this Prevost one… $$$$

Nice view from a large site up top

We walked down a path below the park and looked up to see Airstreamy.

I totally forgot to buy some of this wine at the onsite store! Happy Camper is the coolest name ever!

We got back to the airstream and started prepping for thanksgiving dinner. Matt worked on the green beans.

I worked on stovetop preparations, with the gravy, green beans and stuffing. We only brought 1 pan with us, so we ended up having to spend $22 at the onsite store to buy a couple more.

Matt lit the oven for me, so we could bake my gardein and heat up their turkey.

Matt stung up some Christmas lights our grandma had given us.

Then, we started our feast at sunset (which is at like 4:30 in the afternoon).

My plate is gardein, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll and cranberry sauce.

We had a blast!

Seriously….beyond epic views (epic is a major California word that I brought back to AZ with me).

Tomorrow is a lazy beach day!

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DAY 2:

We woke up to an overcast day and decided to make some coffee (we brought our Keurig) and watch some TV, while we all got ready for our trip to Disneyland. It was our first time using the shower in the airstream. We have a 6 gallon water heater, which means that you have to take a very quick shower or turn the water on and off, to get a full shower in. I didn’t master a showering technique yet, but I am hoping that I can work on a more efficient way to wash my hair. The toilet works great and I like having the handle behind the toilet, instead of a floor lever. The sink and faucet work great, too. We did encounter a leak in the main valve for the water heater, but it was so slight that we just put a bowl under it.

We’re ready for Disneyland!

When we were departing, we decided to snap a few shots in front of the airstream….they turned out pretty cool with the fog in the background.

The last time Christie and I were at Disneyland, about 26-28 years ago, I cracked my chin open at the Disneyland Hotel and had to get stitches. Christie remembers me ruining the trip, with my fall. I made sure I went back to the scene of my accident to take a photo of the lobby where I fell.

Matt had never been to Disneyland before. His main mission was Space Mountain. Had I known that Space Mountain was a nauseating, head-pounding roller coaster, I would have spent the 75 minutes we waited in line doing something fun. Ha!

We stayed at Disneyland for 12 hours. We got to ride most of the rides, which was awesome. We rode Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice In Wonderland,¬† Disneyland Railroad, Disneyland Monorail, Finding Nemo submarine, Enchanted Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, It’s A Small World, Jungle Cruise and Mad Tea Party. It was a winter wonderland there, especially at night.

Christie is obsessed with Christmas and we got to go into a candy store and watch candy being made (as seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives).

This was Christie’s smile for about 12 hours.

The parade at night was amazing. Lighted floats with the best Disney characters and Christmas decorations everywhere.

The enchanted tiki room was cool. There was a singing bird named Fifi, which is my nickname.

We took the train around Disneyland a couple times. There was even a train called the C.K. Holiday. Christie has the same initials and loves the holidays, so that was pretty cool.

There were soooooooo many people at Disneyland….it was bananas.

It’s a small world is beautifully-lit at night. We waited in a rather long line for this ride, but it was so enchanting with a dazzling light show.

The castle at night was amazing. We didn’t go inside, but I wish we would have.

If you love Christmas, you have to go to Disneyland this time of year. It is pure magic!

We didn’t end up getting back to Malibu Beach RV Park until after 1:00am, as Disneyland is about 50 miles away from Malibu. When you travel for so long getting to your RV destination (7-8 hours), an hour or two on the road is nothing!

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DAY 1:

We hit the road on our maiden voyage on Tuesday November, 20th, 2012. We wanted to hit the road at 7:30am, but due to the need for a stop at Camping World in Avondale, about 30 minutes away, we decided to leave at 8:30am instead. We didn’t really know how much time it would take to get to Malibu, but we were guessing 7-8 hours.

We pulled out of the driveway and I felt a sense of accomplishment; we got the airstream ready in time!

Matt drove the whole time, while Christie and I napped (I didn’t sleep the night prior, as I wanted to get everything I could done before we left).
We stopped for gas 3 times on the way and arrived to Malibu Beach RV Park right before sunset. We checked in, were shown to our spot (#19, overlooking the beach!) and proceeded to get the systems connected. One thing we forgot was a cable wire. We ended up buying one at the RV store onsite, so we could watch TV on thanksgiving….watching the parade and dog show are family tradition.

Malibu Beach RV Park is located above the Pacific Coast Highway, about 3.5 miles from the Malibu Pier, overlooking the ocean. Rates at this time (Oct 1st-May 23rd are $47/ night weekday and $52/night weekend. There is a 3 day minimum and a $20/day extra fee for the thanksgiving holiday stay).

As the sun was setting, I wanted to take progress photos of the interior, after we unpacked.

Check out the dreamy view out the bathroom window!

Once I got done snapping some interior shots, the sun was setting. It was magical….this is reason enough to stay at Malibu Beach RV Park. We didn’t have any neighbors on our first night stay either. We paid for a full hook-up including 30 amp service, water, sewer and cable.

Day 2 is our Disneyland adventure!

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