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DAY 4:

On our final day in Malibu, we relaxed in the Airstream until early afternoon and then decided to drive about 3.5 miles down the Pacific Coast Highway to the Malibu Pier. Matt went mountain biking with a friend in Topanga, while we frolicked on the beach.

The Malibu pier is over 100 years old!

It wasn’t too crowded with people when we were there.

This bird was begging to have his photo taken.

I guess the shaved ice is a summer thing. It would have been a nice treat!

Matt and Christie usually get tired of my constant picture-taking, so they walk ahead of me. ha.

There are warning signs about the mussels.

It was a foggy day on the beach, which cleared towards sun down.

Gotta love the beach!

This side of the pier was far less popular with surfers and beach-goers.

A surfer catches a small wave on Surfrider beach.

We saw a lot of surfers out on surfrider beach.

2 surfers catching a wave

The fog was setting in…

The malibu pier from surfrider beach

I caught a fog rainbow.

We were bundled up because it was in the high 60s.

Christie and Matt on the pier…with the fog.

We sat down to eat at the cafe on the pier, but they had just closed.

So we headed about 1 mile down the street to Plate, which has vegetarian and vegan options, in addition to meat dishes. ‘Earthy California Cuisine’ is their slogan.

I ordered a vegan burger and sweet potato fries…it was mighty tasty.

We stopped  by Pacific Coast Greens grocery store and got some ice cream. Matt found this coffee ice cream by Blackbean. He said it was awesome.

At night, we had an old friend, Matt, over to see Airstreamy.

We heated up some thanksgiving leftovers in the oven for him.

He brought Christie and I flowers. So pretty!

We picked up some christmas light necklaces at Disneyland and decided to take more fun shots in front of the Airstream.


My neck is glowing…

Matt’s shirt is by O’Neil…also bought at Disneyland.

Happy holidays, from The Hibbards!

We set the camera on a timer and this was a long exposure.

Holiday cheers!


DAY 5:

We checked out of Malibu Beach RV park in the morning on November 24th. We realized that someone had stolen our battery, once Matt tried to hook up the trailer to the Expedition! We assume someone knows what they were looking for. We had the battery when we arrived because Matt was able to unhook from his truck without shore power. We realized on the way to CA that the battery compartment wouldn’t lock (it is located on the outside of the airstream). A guy drove past us on the freeway in CA and said the battery compartment was open. We pulled over and the battery was still in there. We will be buying 2 new batteries and moving them inside, away from prying eyes and hands! Our trip home was a short 6 hours and 40 minutes. Matt drove the whole time; he is a saint.

I am thinking our next trip should be up to Northern Arizona to play in the snow. Now, it’s time to investigate RV parks and camp sites in Prescott and Flagstaff!


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So Christie and I decided to sleep in Airstreamy a few weeks ago. We got so excited about taking it out for trips that we wanted to know what it would be like! We turned the AC down to 60…..brrrrrr. We brought blankets, pillows, a TV, computer and popcorn out into the airstream for a movie night sleepover.¬† We watched Home Alone 2…..my favorite movie ever is Home Alone, but we misplaced the dvd. We even brought out some fall decorations. The funny thing is that there was no working water in the trailer, so we didn’t get the full experience of camping. I can’t wait until we have running water…faucets and toilet! I figure it will be pretty infrequent that we use the shower, but that will be fun, once it is hooked up.

We realized that we’ll need some good window coverings and lots of blankets, when we go camping for real in November. We have been planning our maiden voyage and booked our first RV location at Malibu RV Park. We have a whirlwind of stuff that we have to do before we take the trailer anywhere. We plan to visit family in Pasadena for Thanksgiving and spend a day at Disneyland (should be decorated for Christmas, as of November 12th!).

This is a photo of the Malibu RV Park….looks heavenly!

I am trying to find good tutorials for making the old school curtains that came in the airstream originally. We have the upper and bottom tracks, and we ordered the glides that attach to the curtains. I haven’t settled on a fabric yet…I think I need to get something thicker than I was originally planning. As long as I can figure out the pleats, we’ll be set.

My goal is to have them look something like this (Photos from Pinterest):

I have been trying t find cute vintage-esque vinyl tiles for the bathroom and could only find good ones with like $100 shipping, since I was only ordering a small quantity! So, I went out into our pool house today and grabbed some leftover blue mosaic tile we had from our hall bathroom remodel. I laid it out to see how it would look….very hard to get a good visual of it, but I am excited. It is lightweight, basically cost $0 and is ready to install as soon as Matt elevates the floor 3/4 inch. He thinks the floor needs support back there and I think the tile will lay easier on a nice new subfloor! I’ll be finishing up cosmetic stuff inside, while Matt handles all the big stuff.

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