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A friend of ours sent us a link to a 9/1/11 New York Times article on a super chic remodeled 1969 Airstream, owned by interior designer Rachel Horn  and her husband. Wow! These are my kind of Airstream people. I have talked about how I haven’t been camping before (I’m high maintenance, what?!), but how I want to go “glamping” (glamorous camping). I share a love of design, even though I am not a designer. This is a true inspiration to me because I know how hard them must have worked to get the airstream into this condition. Any old airstream, even if it has been maintained through the years, will require some level of repair or remodeling. Our Airstream was built 5 years after theirs, but it shares the same layout; rear bath and middle twin beds. I can only hope our remodel will be this nice. Our budget is 1/10th of their original budget. Ours will still have some retro 70s details, but the goal is a sleek, modern interior. I can see this article inspiring a bunch of people to go out and buy Airstreams!

Photos from the NYT article

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