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I have lost 8.5 lbs in 6 days. I have only owned the Airstream for 6 days! Until we get a 30 amp outlet installed in our garage, we don’t have enough power to test the AC. So, that makes for a hotttttttttttt working area. When it’s like 104 outside, it feels like 104 inside the Airstream. I have a temperature gun….I am going to test the inside vs outside temperature to see which is hotter…inside or outside the airstream.

Priming the walls was a nightmare….2 long days of taping and priming with thick gooey oil-based primer. I don’t want to see oil-based primer again for as long as I live. Trust me, neither do you. Priming plastic tambour was a painful experience. I have to get into every little groove and ensure that I didn’t paint the sliding cabinet doors shut. Christie and Matt helped me prime, which made it go a lot quicker.

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