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The biggest eye sore on the airstream has been the oversized, after-market swamp cooler. I wanted it taken off the second it hit our driveway, but removing it required the skills of a talented metal guy. That’s where our friend Hot Rod Ron comes in. Ron came over today to help Matt seal the roof up, after Matt took off the evap cooler. After the existing metal was exposed under the evap cooler, Ron used a cut-off wheel to cut the metal straight, both on the roof and inside the ceiling. They then went to go pick up 2 sheets of aluminum, a tube of silicone and a rivet gun to patch the roof. Matt cut the aluminum sheets down to size and Ron walked Matt through the patch job. We have to get some insulation before we patch up the inside, but that will happen in the next day or so. Thanks Ron for all the help today. We owe you big time!

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