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We had to kick our projects into high gear, in order to have the airstream ready for our maiden voyage.
The laundry list of items that got done quickly by having ASAP Mobile RV Service over the last couple weeks were:

Project 20- Smart Charger

We realized that our charger was constantly charging the battery and was inefficient. We had a new smart charger added, which will shut off once the battery is charged.


Project 21- Replace the heater blower motor

The Suburban heater blower motor was not working, so we had to get a new blower motor installed. It was chilly at night on our maiden voyage…thank goodness for heat!!!


Project 22: Install smoke detector, LP detector and carbon monoxide detector

We were concerned about gas leaks and being able to get out in the event of a gas or fire emergency. We had all 3 detectors installed and hard-wired in.


Project 23: Replace kitchen faucet

The old kitchen faucet was leaking, once we were finally able to test the water. ASAP had a replacement on their truck, so they hooked it up and there were no leaks.


Project 24: Install LED running lights

Matt ordered LED running lights to replace the old regular lights. Matt had to crimp the new wires in, but we got them all hooked up perfectly.


Project 25: Install the custom black and gray water tanks

We have had the tanks for months and months, but it was quite an undertaking to get them installed. I bought Matt a welder and he made brakets and supports for the front and back of the tanks. We didn’t get the tank plumbing done until we hit a Camping World on the way to California.

Project 26: Get a new fridge

We had to ditch the white fridge that came with the airstream, as it broke a couple months ago. I researched LP refrigerators and thought they all looked super expensive…like $1400 and up! I just wanted something to get us through our first few trips, as I knew we would be looking for full hook-up locations. I scoured amazon and craigslist and found a $100 mini fridge with good-sized freezer. It worked great on our maiden voyage.

Project 27: Install new shower mixer valve

I went to home depot, lowes and ace hardware to try to find a replacement shower valve, but came up empty-handed. After Matt tried Camping World, he stumbled across Central AZ Supply and they had what we needed. It turned out that we needed Moen mixing valve, which installed perfectly. AZ Central Supply even cleaned up our trim piece and it looks like new!


Project 28: Install max air vent

We had bought a fantastic fan to replace a leaking vent in the front of the airstream. When we went to have ASAP install the fantastic fan, we realized we would have to look our great lighting up front-NO WAY! So, Matt ran to Camping World and bought a max air vent to replace the vent cover that was leaking. We are planning to install the fantastic fan between the bedroom and bathroom, which is an area that would benefit from ventilation.


Project 29: New pex plumbing in the shower area

There was a major freeze at sometime before we purchased the airstream. Our uneducated selves would have never known this. Ah, the things you learn along the way! ASAP ended up replacing the burst copper with pex.

Project 30: Install shower curtain rod and curtain

I did this all by myself with a power drill. I ordered an ikea wire drapery wire, as it could be installed from the ceiilng to the wall. Once I installed it, I folded over a standard shower curtain liner (that looks like a finished curtain) and it fit perfectly!

Project 31: Test the oven

I decided to test the oven before our maiden voyage to ensure thanksgiving would be successful. I made cinnamon rolls in the oven; they cooked perfectly, but I burnt the bottoms. I asked some friends for advice on gas ovens and went out to buy a silicon mat for my cookie sheets and an oven thermometer to verify the tempurature.



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