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The nastiest room in the airstream was the bathroom. I become slightly less offended by it, as I paint over the aged plastic surfaces. Check out the before photos of the bathrooms. I had to remove a bunch of broken inserts for the metal trim and also remove contact paper from the counters, which revealed a lot of staining. We are going to be epoxying the tub, sink and counters to breathe in new life to the bathroom. We had to remove the toilet, as it wasn’t an RV toilet. We are going to replace the plexiglass in the shower door and spray paint the icky brass silver. We are also going to switch out plumbing fixtures. We haven’t done a full test of the plumbing yet because we don’t have a black water tank. Apparently, if you live in an airstream full-time and have it parked, you remove essential systems for a traveling trailer…boo! We also have plans to do a mosaic or pebble rock floor in the bathroom. I bought some dark matchstick bamboo for the bath skirt, but I might try to find something better to line it.

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