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Becoming a self-proclaimed Airstreamer means that your family and friends might start thinking of Airstream and camping-related gifts to give you. And, I am totally ok with that!!! This past Christmas, we had so many people give us thoughtful airstreamy gifts.

We received this absolutely adorable airstream dog collar from our friend Nicole, which Molly will wear year-round:

Airstream dog collar Airstream dog collar Airstream dog collar

We got an ornament for our Christmas tree from our friend Allison and another awesome airstream ornament (not pictured) from our friends Cody and Lauren:

Airstream christmas ornament

We were given cufflinks and an airstream cookbook from our friends Roger and Emily:

airstream cufflinks The airstreamer's cookbook

I got airstream earrings and a Happy Camper sign from our friends Eb and Allison:

Airstream earrings Happy camper sign

My friend Nicole recently went to Morocco and Spain. She brought me back this cute little travel bag:

Let's go anywhere purse vw van travel purse

Gotta love the gift of Airstream!

Did I mention that I made vegan frosted gingerbread and sugar airstream cookies for Christmas?! I frosted them sooooo quick. Next year, these cookies will be epic.

airstream cookiesairstream cookies airstream cookies

I should be caught up on the airstream blog now….just a couple months behind. 😉

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