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I decided to embark on making all of my own airstream window coverings. I thought this would be a quick project, but having never made draperies before, it ended up consuming a few days making just 8 panels. We ended up buying roll-down vinyl shades for the kitchen and bathroom. So, I needed to make panels for all the other windows.

I decided to make pleated panels with black-out lining. Boy, am I glad I added the black-out lining. We just spent a few days at an RV park and it really helped make our airstream feel private and secure.

I started by cutting panels about 2 times the size of the window I was creating a panel for. I knew that by adding pleats, that would take some of the length away. I also wanted the curtains to be larger than the windows for coverage purposes.

After cutting the panels to the size I wanted, I sewed the edges over to contain the edges that could fray. I then cut the blackout liner to a size slightly smaller than my drapery panel, since I would need to fold over the edges to finish the look. The key to my pleated curtains was pleater tape and pleater hooks. I was hoping to find a simple way to make pleats, as I am far from a professional seamstress!

The pleater tape has little pockets that are used to hold the pleater hooks, which create the actual pleats.

Here is a photo of the G hooks sewn in that are used to attach the panels to the airstream track.

Here are the pleated bedroom curtains, which I actually sewed the pleats into place, after inserting the pleater hooks. I kinda wish I just left the pleater hooks in, but these curtains are lighter without the hooks.

Here is a view of the finished from window panels. The panel on the right window still needs to be pleated….

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