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We finally had the time to take airstreamy to get new tires and new brakes. We got our new tires at Discount Tire. They were great to deal with, got Airstreamy in and out in a couple hours and did great work. The new tires are Carlisle 8-ply Sport Trail Trailer Tires ST 205/90D15.


Here are photos of our tires before the replacement…eek!:


Here are some after photos of the new tires:


We have had really poor service from our local RV shops, to the point where we have basically decided to save money and start doing everything ourselves. We really had high hopes for Camping World, but they had Airstreamy for 2 weeks with a specific set of items we wanted them to complete (hook up water heater, 45 point inspection, test gas system, install propane tanks, fix any damaged water lines, etc.). The only thing they got to in those 2 weeks was the breaks. They installed 12″ electric brakes, TT wheel bear 2 axle, R & R packing plates and drums….totaling about $1800 of work.

We feel like they probably looked at Airstreamy and then looked at the other RVs in for service and figured we probably didn’t have money. Well, they were wrong about us and they won’t be getting another dime of our money! I think from here on out, if we need service, we’ll get on airforums and ask for a recommendation….those folks seem to know everything!


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